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Logo, Branding  |  Savannah Ultiamte  | 2023

Savannah Ultimate, formerly known as Savannah Ultimate Project, is an ultimate frisbee organization in Savannah, Ga. It was officially established in 2020 but the community has existed in some form for several decades. Savannah Ultimate was looking to drop "Project" out of the name and establish more legitimacy with a professional logo and brand.

The organization wanted a logo and brand that was friendly, active, professional, and comparable to other popular frisbee teams and organizations. I chose colors based on characteristics of Savannah that were also bright and felt active.





Savannah Ultimate relies on volunteers to run its organization, with that said, there isn't always a professional designer available to create assets. My goal was to use colors that worked together, no matter the combination, and a typeface that worked both as a headline and as body copy. The below social posts were created by Savannah Ultimate implementing the new brand.

This design was initially proposed as a second direction to the above logo. Although the board felt the logo above was more appropriate for the overall brand, they still liked this design, and felt it would work successfully for merch. The design includes a mossy oak that quintessentially represents Savannah, GA. The design is also an evolution from the organization's previous logo.

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